Encompass 18.3 Release Notes

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Encompass 18.3 Major Release (version 18.3)

These are the release notes for the Encompass 18.3 Major Release. They include a high-level overview of new features, feature and form enhancements, and fixed issues, followed by more detailed information and instructions where appropriate.

In addition to the information about this Major Release, these release notes also provide information about an update ( Server Patch 1) that was applied on July 12, 2018, an update ( that was applied on July 21, 2018, an update ( that was applied on July 26, 2018 to address various issues, and an update ( that was applied on August 4, 2018 to introduce a new feature, a new enhancement to the Pipeline, and to address various issues.

Refer to the online help and the Guides & Documents page for additional information and related documents.

What's in this Release

Here are some of the major updates and enhancements included in this release:

  • Support for Know Before You Owe 2 Mortgage Disclosure Updates – Updates are being made to support the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Know Before You Owe 2 (KBYO2) rule changes to the RESPA-TILA Integrated Mortgage Disclosure Rules that go into effect with new applications taken on or after Oct. 1, 2018. These are mandatory updates needed to remain compliant with disclosure requirements.

  • Configurable Workflow Templates - New settings which enable customization of channel specific configurable workflow for ease of viewing within Encompass TPO Connect. This includes the ability to add additional date fields and control the workflow display order in Encompass TPO Connect.

  • New Fee Level Change of Circumstance Management - Several new enhancements have been added to Encompass to enable clients to document changed circumstances at a more granular fee level (i.e., redisclose any time a 2015 Itemization fee is changed or added.) These enhancements include updates to input forms and tools, as well as updates to administrative settings.

Encompass Release Naming and Timing Reminder

As a reminder, Ellie Mae has aligned our software updates with the appropriate tech nomenclature so we can be clear and consistent in our communication. The process in which you receive updates remains the same. To help you understand and prepare for releases and updates, please review the Encompass Product Release Naming Conventions page.

Certain Service Pack and Critical Patch releases are always applied to your users' computers automatically and cannot be controlled manually via the Encompass Version Manager tool. Typically these are releases that include critical compliance or feature updates, or changes to the Encompass Server that result in a new Encompass version number.

This Encompass 18.3 Major Release will be applied to your users' computers automatically and cannot be controlled manually via the Encompass Version Manager tool. Users will receive the update upon their initial log in of Encompass following the release.

System Requirements & SDK Upgrade Requirement for Encompass

Have you reviewed the latest System Requirements and upgraded the SDK?

Before downloading or applying this new Encompass release, it is important to verify the latest system requirements for Encompass client machines. Please review the System Requirements for Encompass to ensure your environment meets the requirements needed to operate Encompass successfully.

For a major Encompass release like this one, the Encompass SDK (Encompass Software Development Kit) run time environment must be upgraded to match the newly updated Encompass Server. If you fail to upgrade the SDK your application will not be permitted to connect to the updated Encompass Server. If your SDK application utilizes the Encompass SmartClient, you can automate this process so the SDK is upgraded automatically every time you apply a major Encompass release. If your SDK application is installed on a computer at your location, you must manually upgrade the SDK for every major release. For instructions for automating the upgrade process or manually upgrading the SDK, refer to the Upgrading the Encompass SDK page or view the SDK Programmer’s Guide.

Visit the Encompass SDK Install Files page to access the SDK install files for this release.


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  Published  May 27, 2020

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